Make Music New York at Stuyvesant Square

Make Music New York at Stuyvesant Square

Make Music New York is a one-day collection of free, outdoor concerts taking place every June 21, on the longest day of the year. On this day, musicians of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels are empowered to perform in over 400 public outdoor spaces throughout all five boroughs of NYC, energizing the entire city in the process. Over its eleven year history, Make Music New York has grown to become NYC’s largest one-day collection of free concerts. This year, our park will be the venue for two fantastic performances:

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Mike Acerbo

American singer songwriter Mike Acerbo was born in the Bronx, NY and raised in the hamlet of Pearl River, NY. After moving back to New York City in the spring of 1996, Acerbo met Geoffrey Kiorpes (pianist, composer, arranger) and Leah Coloff (cellist, composer, arranger), who helped him formulate his raw talent into a more cohesive sound and fully realize the vision he had for his music. Acerbo’s influences are broad – ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell to the alternative sounds of Kate Bush and Sufjan Stevens. His songs are personal, poetic and poignant representing the artist’s perspective on relationships, loss, and the struggle to find one’s self. He is currently in the process of recording his follow up record entitled, “Your Dark Place.”

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Mayari (May)

Mayari is a multifaceted Mexican economist/singer/statistician who brings a compilation of eclectic popular music that flirts with jazz. Her music is a mixture of styles, moods, topics, and languages that include: blues, foxtrot, swing, pop, tango, reggae, love, social awareness, contemplation, banality, sadness, passion, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Make Music New York: Gamelan Yowana Sari

STUYVESANT SQUARE - Make Music New York: Gamelan Yowana SariGamelan Yowana Sari has established itself throughout the tri-state area and beyond as a premiere Balinese gamelan orchestra. Steadily growing since it’s formation in 2010, the Queens College-based ensemble is open to community members and students. The group focuses on music from the Indonesian island of Bali. The group often works with dancers and composers from Bali. This includes their performances and ongoing work with famed Balinese composer, I Dewa Ketut Alit, dancer Noopur Singha and I Gusti Komin Darta.

STUYVESANT SQUARE - Make Music New York: Gamelan Yowana SariWhile Yowana Sari focuses on the music of Bali it reaches out to other composers from many different areas. YS performs works by Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin, and Wood), Evan Ziporyn (Bang on a Can) and recently premiered a work by Glenn Kotche (Wilco). Yowana Sari has been featured at festivals such as the Necessary Noise Festival, Live at the Gantries, and Percussive Arts Society International Convention.

Gamelan Yowana Sari welcomes audience members to ask questions and get a closer look at the unique instruments. Continuing to share the joy and artistry of this traditional art form, Yowana Sari presents an authentic and evolving vision of this ancient music.



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Make Music New York: Sami and Sarah

Sami & Sarah are a vocal duo playing banjo-ukulele, and upright bass. Their whimsical sound has been described as a combination of The Moldy Peaches, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, and Johnny Cash & June Carter. Their multi-lingual music draws from influences as varied as traditional country music, early jazz recordings, Brazilian sambas, European movie soundtracks and the golden age of American animation. Since their formation in early 2013, they have played various venues in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they can be seen currently every month at The Soho House, NY. They are in the process of completing recordings for their first EP.



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